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social media marketing

for "Start Up" Small Businesses (Set Prices) 
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In today's business world, social media presence is a necessity. 

The landscape has changed. To succeed exponentially, a mainstream presence is required to maintain brand relevancy and ensure sales inquiries. 

Traditional general sales ads alone will most likely not sustain. 

Sharing information, providing exclusive content, and participating in the

virtual conversation is what registers today.


Think your business is too small to compete? We have specialized pricing for those

companies that might be little in terms of scale, but mighty when it comes to their product/service.

Every business deserves to be heard, regardless of its market size/share!

Our basic service is rooted in creative marketing, to craft brand identity

and sustain shared media brand awareness.

Our add-on upgrade, "Virtual Publicist", takes your servicing a big step further,

enhancing your earned media's reach, all while 

maximizing your paid media's investment.

What We Provide...

Servicing All

Major Platforms

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr Social Icon
  • Instagram

Social media is a powerful and resourceful

way to reach your target audience.

A primary method of all branding strategies today, online marketing and presence assures

that your brand stays relevant and

competitive in the virtual marketplace.

  • Content Curation/Post Scheduling: 
    Main Service-Creative Content & Industry Related Content.
    Curated & 
    Scheduled for Posting via Social Media Platforms. 


  • Branded Content Campaigns

       (Quick Branded + Full Ad Graphics)


  • General Admin/Maintenance 

  • Analytics/Performance Tracking & Reporting

  • Routine Client Communication/Customer Service

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Complete Our Questionnaire 

Not a "start up" business??

Custom Pricing for:

  • Established Small Businesses & Corporations

  • Limited-Run Projects & Promotional Events

  • Non- Profits, Schools & Religious Institutions

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