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In today's business world, social media presence is a necessity. 

The landscape has changed. To succeed exponentially,  mainstream platform presence gives you vitality in the virtual marketplace.

Still, simply pitching "old school" general sales ads will most likely not sustain. 

Shared information, side by side with an inclusive conversation, and

dependable and dynamic branding registers with audiences today.


Launcharts creates marketing based on concurrent and engaging content.

 Spanning the mediums of video, graphic design and blog writing

to create brand consistency, converting into brand identity

which then translates to business growth.

What We Provide...

Servicing All

Major Platforms

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr Social Icon
  • Instagram

Social media is a powerful and resourceful platform to reach your target audience.

A primary method of all branding strategies today, online marketing and presence assures

that your brand stays relevant and

competitive in the virtual marketplace.

Content Curation/Post Scheduling based servicing

Manual Curation + RSS Feed source posting

General Brand Strategy &  Branded Content Campaigns


General Admin/Maintenance + Ad Boost Assistance*

Analytics/Performance Tracking & Reporting

Routine Client Communication/Customer Service

Launcharts Media assigns a dedicated point person to your account. Get the outsourced, but white-glove marketing rep experience. Recommended for large scale small businesses.


Clients receive: 

  • Enhanced Brand Strategy & Routine Virtual Assistance

  • Weekly Direct Emails +

  • Scheduled 1-on-1 Meetings (2x Monthly) 

  • Instant Messenger (optional)

What's DCA? Dedicated Concierge Account Servicing 

Complete Our Questionnaire 

Not a "Small Business"??

Custom Pricing for:

  • Large Scale Businesses & Corporations

  • Special Projects & Promotional Events

  • Non- Profits, Schools & Religious Institutions

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